If the idea of using oils on your face makes you envision severe outbreaks, reconsider. The ancient Egyptians used Moringa oil to maintain perfect, vivid skin. And this (very) ancient beauty trick is currently experiencing a significant revival. In fact, renowned beauticians claim that using face oils could be the final step in your beauty regimen. Or your only step if you like using only one product.

Here below are a few of the important reasons why you should include face oil in your daily skincare regimen.

     1. They can help you look younger.

Unprotected UV exposure in excess can lead to free radical damage, which manifests as wrinkles and sunspots galore. Experts advise going with products containing vitamin E base, such as Argan oil or Kalahari melon oil if you are impacted by sun damage and dryness, as some facial oils are rich with antioxidants that stop further aging.

In order to combat the effects of aging and restore the skin from oxidative stress, antioxidants are crucial to the health of the skin. To shield your skin from damage, pollution and other environmental aggressors, the antioxidants neutralize free radicals. They also enhance skin tone and encourage collagen formation.

It is recommended to use a dab of grape seed oil if you have oily skin and are wary of using oils due to their anti-aging properties and lovely smell. Applying a tiny bit of your chosen oil to the forehead, each cheek, the nose, and the chin after washing your face at night can be helpful.

  1. They benefit dry skin.

Dropping temperatures and turned-up heaters zap the moisture right off the skin. Oils can be considerably more hydrating than your typical over-the-counter lotions and creams, and they are the perfect remedy for dry, flaky skin and scratchy, pink cheeks. Experts advise dabbing a pea-sized quantity of coconut oil on your driest areas for smoother skin and hair. Almond oil is a fantastic option for sensitive skin because it contains a lot of moisturizing omega-3 fatty acids.

facial oils are rich with antioxidants
  1. Your skin is truly protected by them.

Oils can penetrate deeply into the skin due to their lipophilic nature, trapping water and other hydrating ingredients inside while keeping toxins and other undesirable elements outside. Some oils also aid in bolstering and enhancing the protective layer of skin on our bodies. This is crucial for city dwellers who require extra defense against toxins and smog, which is known to cause wrinkles. Using a product containing rosehip seed oil, raspberry oil, which is highly packed with antioxidant compounds, would be beneficial on a chilly winter day or anytime during the year.

  1. They make the ideal makeup primer

Mandarin and pumpkin seed oils penetrate the skin's surface with lightning speed, settling gently into the regions that require the most hydration. This produces an instant plumping effect and provides the ideal backdrop for your makeup; the smoother your skin is, the better-looking your entire face will be.

  1. They are able to reduce enlarged pores

In fact, more expensive oils like macadamia, jojoba, and camellia remove dirt and lipids from pores, making them look smaller and less apparent. But beware—the formula contains the proof. Unfortunately, oils that are easily found at the grocery store can cause clogged, blotchy pores, so talk to your dermatologist before using any oil.

  1. Rashes can be soothed by them

Many oils also contain anti-inflammatory qualities that work to calm sensitive skin. Argan oil is excellent for irritations that occur after using well-known anti-aging products like retinol or alpha hydroxy acids. Additionally, geranium oil does wonder at fading rosacea redness.

face oil
  1. They work wonders at getting rid of zits.

Unbelievably, tea tree oil works quite darn well in removing zits. And using oils won't make your acne worse. After all, we're not talking about slathering crisco on your face.

Using jojoba oil sparingly can actually lower oil production, which is an excellent addition to dry topical acne regimes. Currently available facial oils come in highly aesthetically pleasing, light compositions that are great for layering and daily use. Just remember that the right product works best when used sparingly. Anything in excess is never a good idea.

Recently, we have introduced our very own product that solves all of the above purposes of using face oil. Although we would recommend you always consult your dermatologist before beginning any skin regimen program. The Mana oil is worth giving a try.

November 15, 2022 — Cosmic Solis