from the desert to the rainforest

Scent-Infused Botanical Skincare

When Ancient Times Meet Modern Minds

Cosmic Solis is inspired by the ancient wisdom of plants, seeds, and sacred flowers.

Devoted to the plant, powered with a touch of intuitive aromatic scent.

A blend of healing ingredients designed to repair, balance the moisture level, strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and nourish the skin.

Scent Ritual with Mana Oil

Put some drops of Mana Oil in your hands, massage both hands together to release the scent. Natural scents have the power to awaken memories, increase creativity, help with mood enhancing and anxiety soothing.

Gently massage your face while enjoying the beautiful scent of Blue Lotus Flower and Tahitian Gardenia.

Apply Mana Oil to your face and neck daily in the morning or at night. Any remaining oil can be applied through mids and ends to hydrate and add natural shine to your hair.

Customer reviews
I’ve been using Mana Oil on my face and hands for a few months, morning and night. I love the way it feels on my skin, it’s not too oily and leaves a soft and fresh feeling. My face has a radiant glow to it!

I love the unique ingredients and the scent, an oil that tingles all of your senses. I don’t really have a skin care routine and this is all I need

I highly recommend!
— Charlotte Lutterloch
My partner and I are using Mana oil on top of our skincare ritual and it works wonderfully! We love the smell & the combination of those ingredients.

We can't wait for the next product!
— Olivier
You can really tell how they’ve worked on all aspects of this product. First of all, the packaging is sumptuous, legit the prettiest bottle in my collection. The smell is so addicting I want to put some oil on my face all day. The ingredients are so unique and intriguing, never seen any of these in another face product.
— Marie

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