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General Product Questions

Is Cosmic Solis vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes! Our products are vegan and cruelty-free.

Is Cosmic Solis gender-neutral?

Absolutely. Cosmic Solis was created to be enjoyed by anyone who choses to use our skincare products.

Are your products pregnancy safe?

As every journey is unique, we always recommend discussing your skincare product selections with your healthcare provider to make sure the ingredients align with your pregnancy care plan.

What does frequency medicine mean and how does it work?

Every plant, flower and seed holds a unique energetic vibration that oscillates at different degrees. Frequency medicine means harnessing the energetic properties of natural resources and crafting products with an intention to lift the overall vibration. Combining ingredients that complement each other and deliver an energetically uplifting effect, so that the person using the product not only experiences a physical impact but an energetic boost too. Everything we create is energetically charged using Tesla coils, orgone tools, crystals, light, sound and frequency patterns. This amplifies the energy that already exists in the plant & flower essences and works to harmonize and enhance your aura.

Shipping & Returns

How soon will I receive my order?

We offer complimentary shipping via UPS Ground or USPS Priority on all orders, which are processed within 2-3 business days. Once your order is processed, you will receive an email notification with tracking number as soon as your package ships. Due to carrier delays during COVID-19, delivery times may be extended. We greatly appreciate your support of our small business and patience during this time.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally, with the exception of America and Canada (for now - we are working on it!).

Do you accept returns?

While we hope you love your Cosmic Solis order, due to the nature of our small-batch, we do not offer returns at this time. Please email us on: to answer any questions you may have prior to or after purchase. In the event your product arrives damaged, we will gladly  offer a replacement. Send us an email with your order number and a photo/description of the damage within 7 days of receipt of your package.

Product Usage & Care

How do I use Mana oil?

Place a few drops of Mana Oil in your hands and massage both hands together to awaken the plant spirit and activate the scent. Hold your hands to your nose and breathe deeply to inhale the aroma. Anoint your face, starting with your temples, cheeks and forehead and gently massage the oil in. Use slow, intentional movements to give your skin the love it deserves. Breathe deeply as you massage your face, enjoying the potent scent of flower essences and sensing how your energetic frequency is uplifted. 

Gua Sha tools can be used in combination with Mana Oil to stimulate the lymphatic system in the face through intentional massage movements.

You can apply Mana Oil to your face and neck daily in the morning or at night. Any remaining oil can be applied through the mids and ends of your hair to hydrate and add natural shine.

What is a scent ritual and how do I do it?

A scent ritual is a practice designed to utilise the power of scent and aromachology to boost your mood and create a sense of positivity and wellbeing. Simply put a few drops of Mana Oil in your hands and gently massage both hands together to awaken the plant spirits and release the scent. Place hands at the nose and breathe in slowly, inhaling the aroma. Set an intention to receive the medicine of the plants and the healing you specifically need. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, keeping your awareness in the present moment. You can also place just one drop on the heart chakra, neck or chest before meditation or breathwork to support you energetically.

Natural scents have the power to boost your mood, awaken memories, increase creativity and uplift the heart. Aromatic plant extracts and essential oils soothe anxiety and create a sense of calm, assisting with meditation and present moment awareness.

Can I use my Mana oil with a Gua Sha stone or jade roller?

Absolutely. Mana Oil provides great slip for Gua Sha stones and jade rollers and these tools can really help to absorb the product into your skin.

What is an oil serum?

Mana oil is an oil-based, waterless formulation created to help treat skin concerns with potent natural actives.

What is the shelf life of Mana oil?

We recommend that you use your oil within 6 months of opening and store it in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Over time, you may notice that the smell will be lighter. 

Are my empties recycleable?

Each component of your Cosmic Solis product is 100% recyclable however, it may not be possible to recycle the smaller components. The dropper, which is composed of a nitrile tip, glass pipette, and plastic collar, may not ultimately make it to recycling due to their small size. 

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