My Story

My name is Morgane Gilles and I was raised in Paris, France and now reside in Australia. I was drawn to the energy of this country because of the high-vibrational nature and healing frequencies of the land. The language of energy has always played a role in my life. As a highly sensitive person, I was naturally attuned to the subtle realms and had an awareness of the world beyond the physical dimension.

In 2020, I had a profound healing experience when I purchased a flower infused in oil and had a mystical experience upon opening the bottle. I felt the flower speak to me and could tangibly sense the energetic frequency. I then became hyper-aware of all the frequencies of nature around me and over time I built a deep connection and understanding with flower essences. It sounds wild, but it was a life-changing moment that awoke something in me and inspired the concept for Cosmic Solis.

I was already deeply interested in the world of energy, healing and alchemy. A natural researcher, I spent years diving into alternative theories, ancient civilisations and energy medicine. Accumulating knowledge and expanding my mind. In 2014, I graduated from the Ambroise Croisat school of aesthetics and cosmetics in Paris with a diploma in Perfumes, Cosmetics and Beauty. I also traveled extensively to many exotic places, which continued to fuel my curiosity about the world and it’s natural resources.

In 2015, my father developed skin cancer which was undoubtedly a transformative moment in my life. His diagnosis stimulated my desire to understand the roots of wellbeing and holistic living. After my father passed away, I dedicated myself to an organic lifestyle, looking at the food I was eating to my physical activities, daily wellbeing practices and skincare products.

All of these experiences culminated in the development of Cosmic Solis. I combined my interests in Natural Skincare, Neuroscience, Frequency Healing, Aromachology and Ancient Wisdom and began to craft a unique line of skincare products.

Today, I am building Cosmic Solis into an apothecary and plan to release other beautiful, hand-crafted products in future. My goal is to facilitate healing through the use of frequency medicine, and create products that uplift and elevate, both physically and energetically.