My Story

Hi my name is Morgane Gilles. I was born and raised in Paris, France. In 2014, I graduated from the Ambroise Croisat school of aesthetics and cosmetics in Paris with a diploma in Perfumes, Cosmetics and Beauty.

As a teenager, I travelled to many places around the world with my parents expanding my curiosity about the world around me and all that the natural resources had to offer. Discovering my environment awoke a fascination and desire in me to learn everything about the properties of botanicals and natural healing.

In 2015, I left France to continue my journey and explore the Indo-Pacific Asia and Australia, parts of the world where nature still reigns supreme. 

Later that year my father had developed skin cancer, a diagnosis which was undoubtedly a decisive moment in my journey of research in which stimulated my desire to understand the roots of wellbeing even further.

After my father passed away, I dedicated myself to follow a more natural organic lifestyle, looking at the food I was eating to my physical activities, my daily wellbeing practices and the skincare products I was using. 

 However, It was clear that I was craving for something more, something bigger. I wanted to pursue a passion to help people feel happier in some way so I decided to combine that passion to my increasing knowledge of Skincare, Neuroscience and Scents to create a special line of skincare products.

I have been using different oil infused with flowers and also oil with essential oils in my daily ritual to improve my mental well being with different type of scent which has create a lot of positive thoughts and now I definitely believe that good smell can change the way we look at the world.