If you love cosmetics, you understand the value of perfect makeup. Every girl's desire is to do her makeup without letting others know. The makeup should seem like a second skin and be so flawless that others would appreciate you without knowing you applied the makeup. If you like makeup, you've probably heard of a primer, which is a type of makeup base. It makes your foundation last longer and your skin seem smoother.

Facial oils are gaining popularity for their skincare advantages and may certainly be used as a primer. In fact, using a nourishing face oil before applying makeup may help create a seamless, hydrated base for your foundation as well as give your skin a healthy-looking glow.

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There are several advantages to using face oil as a makeup primer.

It can aid to moisturise dry skin. Facial oils, when used before makeup, can help keep dry skin moisturised during the day. This is especially crucial during the winter when dry skin can become flaky and sensitive. Face oils reduce water loss from the skin as they act as a barrier.

If you have oily skin, applying a thick facial oil before makeup may cause your foundation to seem greasy throughout the day.

In this instance, light oil is preferable. Many lightweight oils, such as Mana oil, are excellent for oily skin since they are non-comedogenic and help control sebum production. All oils in Mana oil have been selected because of their lightweight formula and their fast absorbing.

It can provide a healthy-looking glow to dull skin

Actually, face oils include beneficial components like fatty acids and antioxidants that give the skin a dewy sheen.

If your skin appears dull and exhausted, using a face oil before applying makeup might help to brighten it. Rather than using an illuminating primer or expensive highlighters, which can be overly glittery at times, face oils can provide a natural-looking glow.

It may be used to form a smooth basis for cosmetics

Some primers textures might make makeup seem worse, so using a lightweight face oil will help prevent this issue. It will soak rapidly into the skin and will not leave a greasy residue unless you put too many drops in your hands or face which can change the purpose of lightweight oil. This is why it is important to follow instructions. These oils are not as thick as many beauty primers on the market and can aid in the creation of a seamless foundation base.


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The trick is to select the appropriate formulation for your skin type. When used appropriately, face oils can substitute for many smoothing primers, which can be excessively heavy at times. It can also function as a barrier between your skin and chemical-coloured cosmetics while replacing one step in your makeup procedure with a natural substance, all while you are wearing gorgeous makeup.

Indeed, many primers contain a silicone-based composition, which can be advantageous in terms of producing a smooth layer but can also clog pores. If you are prone to acne, you can substitute a light facial oil instead.

It is essential to select a lightweight oil that may be worn under makeup. You don't want an oil that is too heavy or viscous since it will not only make your makeup look bad but can also cause your foundation to split.

How to use the face oil as a primer

Step 1: Clean your face

Starting with a clean face will aid in the application and longevity of your makeup. Choose a gentle cleanser that will not remove your skin's natural oils. Avoid using strong scrapes or cleansers and, instead, choose a lightweight product.

Step 2: Moisturise

It is so important to Moisturise your skin, because a well-moisturise base is one that is glowing and ready for makeup. When you apply makeup on dry skin, your foundation may appear flaky. A Gorgeous canvas is essential for achieving the perfect makeup look.

After cleaning your face, proceed with your usual skincare routine.

Step 3: Face Oil

After hydrating your skin, place a few droplets of your face oil in your palm and gently pat it over your face. This will help the moisturiser absorb while your face oil seals and reinforce the moisture barrier. Moisturisers retain moisture whereas oils help lock it in.

Allow it to seep into your skin for a few minutes before moving on to the next stage in your makeup regimen.

Avoid brushing the oil into your skin, as this may prevent it from properly absorbing.

You can use your foundation, concealer, and powder products once your face oil has been absorbed.

Also, it is important to note that facial oil is applied after sunscreen if used as a primer. Otherwise, it is beneficial to apply face oil before sunscreen.

When selecting a face oil, there are a few factors to consider.

Make sure to use non-comedogenic oil to avoid clogging your pores and causing breakouts.

Select an oil that is appropriate for your skin type.

If you have oily skin, search for a lightweight formula that doesn't leave your skin looking greasy. The good thing with Lightweight oil is that it is for everyone.

If you have dry skin, Oleic acid in facial oil is a godsend for your skin, it is meant to improve and heal your skin barrier and bring balance of oil production in your cells.  

Ensure that the oil is lightweight enough to be worn with makeup. Thick oils are best used at night and should not be used as a makeup base.

Our multifaceted face oil "Mana oil" is exquisitely crafted with Earth's richest natural ingredients such as Kalahari melon, Kukui nuts, Hemp oil, and prickly pear to strengthen your skin barrier, enhance moisture balance, and repair damage to the skin. It helps to hydrate the skin and provides a smooth base for makeup to glide on.

It is essential to apply your skincare and makeup items in the correct order. After applying moisturiser then 3 to 4 drops of facial oil to replace primer, it will create a well-hydrated base for your foundation and give your skin a healthy-looking glow.

October 16, 2022 — Cosmic Solis